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What is Life Coaching?

And How is Coaching Different From Counselling/Therapy?

The use of the words functional and dysfunctional are strictly the levels someone is operating at on a daily basis. Are you functioning or not functioning? It is not being used in a judgmental way as to say “that person is dysfunctional” – That would be INCORRECT usage.


Therapy/counselling is taking people who are not functioning well on a daily basis (dysfunctional) due to abuse/trauma/mental health struggles to a place of functioning. This is a very specific area of education and specialization that if not treated properly can do serious and real harm to a person. 

It is EXTREMELY important to work with people who can assist you at the appropriate levels and also understand when you need to be referred to a different person for a different service or approach.

Generally therapy/counselling is dealing with events in your past that are hindering you from moving forward.

Life Coaching:

Life coaching is working either in tandem with people who are working with therapists OR people who are functioning on a day to day basis but have blocks that are stopping them from moving forward in their self growth journey. Examples of blocks could be dissatisfaction with your job, toxic relationships, finances, weight loss, boundary setting, parenting.

Life coaches are the people who sit in the passenger side of the car encouraging and supporting your wins while asking questions in ways you’ve never thought, digging deep into situations you didn’t realize were all connected. You drive the car, you decide where it’s going, we merely sit and chat with you along the way to break throughs, revelations and tool building.

Meet Erin!

Professional Life Coach

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! If you find yourself on my site, reading this blurb, let me encourage you, YOU’RE DOING IT! You are already beginning the process of changing your life by considering me for your personal certified life coach.

On your own, you have come to the realization that “this is not good enough,” or “this is not the life I want.” AND you’re doing something about it. CONGRATULATIONS! And hopefully as I tell you a little bit about myself you will be inspired by the end to take the next step of starting your coaching journey- WITH ME!

I am someone that has a deep desire to help women get unstuck from their current situation. Having listened to people’s stories for over a decade, I’ve become increasingly aware of how little support there is for individual struggles and the overall lack of tools we have as a society to deal with the heaviness of life.

Whether it be struggles with: self sabotage, family conflict, partner miscommunications, a lack of boundaries, perpetual unhealthy relationships, an apathy for life, or just a general confusion as to what is going on and why does it seem to keep happening to me – I want to help.

I want to be your biggest cheerleader as you go from a life you don’t want, to a life you’ve only dreamt could exist. I want to be there from beginning to end. I want to see the excitement and lightbulb moments when you experience break throughs that change your world.

Erin on the Road Again

Share With Me!

May you Feel Heard First and Coached Second!

As your life coach I want to be the person you can’t wait to share success stories with as you implement tools and strategies that we talk about.

My coaching has the ability to change lives and it is something I’m extremely passionate about, because you only get one life, and don’t you deserve to have it be a life that is full of richness, purpose and intention?

If you are ready to embark on a journey that promises to alter your life, I am the coach for you! I promise to give you the very best I have to offer. I will listen to what you aren’t saying, I will be honest when no one else is, I will encourage and support you and celebrate your victories.

I promise to be that voice in your head cheering you on, until you no longer need me.

My Life coaching expertise will help you:

Get unstuck in your current situation.

Implement healthy boundaries.

Recognize what areas are inadvertently sabotaging you.

Gain emotional control and be proactive instead of RE-active

Develop strategies to live the life you’ve always dreamed of – FREELY AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY

Why Should the Life you Want Today Wait Until Tomorrow?

What Coaching Clients Are Saying

Journey to Clarity

If anything that I’ve said resonates with, excites or makes you even a little curious, connect with me today so we can schedule a FREE discovery call to begin your journey to CLARITY.

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